As part of our understanding of offering a sustainable product, we want to plant each student’s first seed for sustainability, “you will plant trees with us.” Part of the income generated from the courses will go to the reforestation of our local forests, so we can all contribute to mitigate climate change and other environmental problems.

The Academy

We are School based on cutting-edge research and industry knowledge on the issues of sustainability and healthy living. We want to plant many seeds for sustainability, in many companies, institutions and hearts of many people.

We want to empower you to be the #EngineOfChange!


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The Club – Join Our Community!

The main idea of our club is to create a community of people interested in sustainability and healthy living. The club is linked to our school and the membership is free and open to everyone

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Courses & Workshops

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Creating the right knowledge base is important, whether for your personal or professional development or to understand changes in the industry. The current global challenges require lifelong learning.

Our courses offer blended learning experiences that are fun and of practical relevance. Our courses are based on cutting-edge scientific research and industry best practices. We strive to provide individualized projects within each course so that each student can make the most of the learning experience.

In this way we understand the courses as tools that allow managing the change and acquire key skills to live in a more sustainable and healthy way.

We provide your company or entity with a sustainability check and help you implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards. According to your preferences and needs, we put on “the glasses” of the of the economy of the common good, of the Global Reporting Initiative or of ISO 26000 to analyze the current situation and define a route for the future.

In this way we help evaluate and measure your impact on your community in social, economic and environmental terms. We work out a path together with you and you will see that being sustainable will increase your business and yours and your employee’s happiness.

Sustainability Consulting

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Engine of Change

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Your company or organization can be the engine of change that this world desperately needs. With our activities and behaviors we can help make the world better. We provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge required to bring this change to success. Let’s change the world for the better together!