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On the 7th of February 2020 we had the honor talk about “BUILDING LEADERS. HEMP THE NEXT FRONTIER IN SUSTAINABILITY” in our Webinar. Feel free to watch now the recorded version.

Our special guest from the United States, Eric McKee is the owner of wnderwrshp, a hemp project development company, and is a co-founder of the US Hemp Building Association ( Coming from the Snow Board and Outdoor industry, Eric started out in the HEMP Industry around 2007. Since then he is passionate about everything around Hemp. Check out his website here:


We first started talking about HEMPCRETE, a material made from hemp, like cement but many times better in terms of sustainability. Feel free to watch this video on Facebook on a hempcrete workshop in San Diego California:

Hempcrete is a non-toxic, renewable and durable material that has many benefits associated with it. Just to mention one: it sequesters CO2. It can not only be produced locally, without any mining and health issues associated, it also is really fast in growing. In a growth period of 4 months, it can sequester 10 tons of CO2 in just 2,5 acres. That is why Eric also mentions: “Leave your trees in the ground”. We can produce so many different products made from Hemp, any that without any harmful effects on the environment or the human beings. Cement to the contrary is one of the most pollutant materials used worldwide.


The uses of Hemp are manifold, so are the solutions to many of the most challenging issues today in the planet. From bioplastics, textile, nutrition, construction, car parts, car fuel, rocket fuel, batteries for electric cars, soil remediation for polluted areas, and not even starting to mention all the medicinal benefits.


(HEMP Plant, Source:; @rickproctor)


From the economic perspective hemp has a long tradition of being used as a cash crop. Eric mentions that is was even accepted to pay taxes in the US with hemp. Moreover, farmers in the 16th century were even obligated by law to produce hemp. Nowadays, places like Colorado, California, Canada, Uruguay, Israel, Germany, and many more have started legalizing different uses around the plant and have witnessed undisturbed growth rates.


Not just the financial sector is booming, or the industry, but also jobs are created, and even houses are built for the homeless. Most importantly it is a job booster and creates thousands of new jobs and helps to re-stimulate rural areas that face severe social and economic problems. In Colorado they even claim: “WE ARE LEADING THE COUNTRY”.


(Outdoor Hemp Plantation, Source:; @jaystonne)


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