Our sustainability consulting is offered from a professional team and always adapts to your needs. Our mission is to empower YOU to be the engine of change. So in our consultancy we also want to develop with you the key capabilities and provide the necessary support to make your company the engine of change.

We help you understand the new economic environments and the We help you to master the current challenge and to make your company even more successful. Our goal is to make you fit for the circular economy and the new EU taxonomy.

In this way we help evaluate and measure your impact on your community in social, economic and environmental terms. We provide you with a path and you will see that being sustainable will increase your business and your happiness.

We offer the following services:

  • Writing support for sustainability reports.
  • ESG Check
  • Materiality Check
  • Circularity Readiness Assessment
  • Carbon Footprint (Coporate and Product Footprint)
  • Sustainability consulting: “How to implement change”.
  • Consulting “Economy of the Common Good”.
  • CSR strategy development.
  • Sustainable and ethical brand: We help you to choose the right strategy.
  • Permaculture consulting and designs (design of permanent systems, e.g. sustainable cities, circular economy, indigenous farms, and other sustainable and permanent system

Tell us your project and we make it grow together! Request an appointment without obligation and we will get in touch.

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We work in an open expert network and we want to offer you agile and efficient solutions. In our professionals directory you will find the right professional in the área you are looking for. We are happy to get in touch with you.

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Las Palmas
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Circular Economy, Economy for the Common Good, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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Circular Economy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical and Sustainable Marketing
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