The Common Good Balance Sheet Online Course

The Common Good Balance Sheet Online Course

  • 100% Online
  • Live and recorded tutorials
  • Highly interactive course design
  • 1:1 Coaching from our professional team
  • Develop your own project 
  • 24/7 access for one year
  • Graduation certificate
  • Accreditation for our “professionals directory”
  • Membership in the Sustainable Sowers Club


THE COMMON GOOD BALANCE SHEET: A Tool to manage and measure your impact




If you think that the current situation of the economic system deserves a rethink, you have come to the right place.

If you want your company to be a seed for sustainable and ethical growth, we can share models, tools and success stories that you can transfer to your day to day operations.

When you have an idea do they tell you that it is a utopia and that it cannot be done? In this course we can show you that it is closer and more possible than you think. With raised awareness and the right tools and methodologies, you can create a sustainable strategy.

What can I expect from this course?

  • Know the Balance of the Common Good as a tool for change in a vivid and practical way.
  • Know all the relevant details for reporting and audits.
  • Open learning spaces for in-depth knowledge beyond the balance manual.
  • Get very close tutoring in live sessions and by email
  • Develop the next business and personal steps together with the teaching team.
  • Know how to use the matrix as a reporting tool and a valid basis for developing strategies in the company.
  • Know how to authentically communicate, be sustainable and avoid Green Washing
  • Be able to assess and implement the socio-environmental impact and know how to communicate it
  • Establish priorities in the sustainability strategy and know the steps for implementation


Teaching methods

The course is made up of different modules and the course can be done in full or by module. Each module comes with a training certificate and is a “mini-course” itself. Through reading the Common Good Balance Sheet manual of the Balance of the Common Good, real case studies, live sessions with group and individual work with tutoring, participants learn to work with the matrix of the common good and receive comments on both their work and their progress. In developing the course, it was particularly important to us to create a good variety of interactive group work, individual work, self-study, assessment, questions, guided self-learning, playful elements, question-and-answer sequences, feedback, and interactive work.


We want to develop your project

YOU give the focus to the course that best suits you to tackle and face what is really important to you. So each participant tells us their needs and we want to adapt the individual exercises to your ideas and finish the work in a final project. We will start working on your project right from the beginning so that each module and exercise is one piece of the whole puzzle. We want to accompany you on your path to sustainability and make you a changemaker.




Our Teachers

Bridget Knapper (Linkedin)

Senior Consultant at terra institute & Common Good Consultant


Dr Philipp B. Schuster (Linkedin)

Economist, Permaculture Designer, Founder of Seeds for Sustainability


Individual: “IN-COMPANY”

This individual course is for ONE COMPANY ONLY and is especially designed for Executives, Managers and other Strategic Planners and is only available for companies and organizations. The course will always be customized to the needs of the single case. It includes 1:1 LIVE tutorials with our teachers and it also scalable to train your staff. This will allow you to get a common understanding within your team and engage in co-creation with your employees.  The time of the tutorials is more flexible and will adapt to your circumstances.


Mixed Group:

This “mixed group” is made up from all students and is available to everyone. We will have open enrollment so everybody can study and succeed at their own speed. The course will include LIVE group tutorials every two weeks with us on a fixed date and time. During the tutorials there is plenty of space for Questions & Answers, Homework discussions, networking, co-creation and presentations with new materials.




Module 1:  Introduction to the Common Good Balance Sheet

Module 2: Sustainable supply chain management

Module 3:  Ethical & sustainable Finances

Module 4: Ethical employee relations

Module 5 : Customers & other companies as partners

Module 6 :  Impact & contribution to society

Module 7:  Final project (not possible to be taken independently)

  • Duration 8 weeks
  • Requirements

    Essentially, prior knowledge is not necessary for the course. Knowledge and experience in sustainability issues and their implementation in business practice are an advantage

    Target Group: Who is it for?

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Managers
    • Owners
    • CEOs
    • Sustainability Experts
    • CSR Managers
    • Interested consumers


  • References

    Manual of Common Good Balance 5.0

  • Progress Evaluation

    Throughout the course, different exercises are worked on the 20 topics of the matrix. Thus:

    • It allows an evaluation step by step.
    • It facilitates the development of an individual final project.


    A key aspect of the tutorials will be the coaching by our teachers. We want to accompany you on your way and in this way we work together with you in a series of individual and group exercises.

    We will work with you on your own project so that from the beginning every homework will help you finish a part of your final project.

  • Certificate

    • Continuing Education Certificate.
    • Tree planting certificate.

  • Teacher

    Bridget Knapper

    • Senior Consultant at terra institute
    • Common Good Consultant


    Dr. Philipp Schuster - Seeds For Sustainability

    • Doctor of Economics.
    • Founder and Director of Seeds for Sustainability.
    • Permaculture designer.
    • Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Individual Price 500 € (Mixed group) // 250€ (Students & Unemployed)
  • Group price 1000 € ( 250 € every additional employee ) "IN-COMPANY"
  • Become a changemaker and start your journey to sustainability now!

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