Certified Expert in ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility

Certified Expert in ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Live and recorded tutorials
  • Interactive and highly practical focus
  • 24/7 access for one year
  • Develop your own project 
  • 1:1 Coaching for your own project
  • The course that plants trees in name of your organization.
  • Graduation certificate
  • Accreditation for our “professionals directory”
  • Membership in the Sustainable Sowers Club


Ethical and sustainable management from strategy to practice

Why do we need a sustainable and ethical management?

Companies and organizations have to face two big challenges today. One is digitalization and the second is sustainability. Not only ideological reasons require but also economic reasons urge for action. The political environment and the market require the management of social and environmental impact as well as the economic one.

Since the EU has put the new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) directive into effect, large companies are already required by law to report their impact on society. New audiences demand that companies be sustainable and ethical; investors increasingly value responsible companies and finally the company itself can obtain several benefits from sustainable management. Moreover, the Green New Deal and the Circular Action Plan of the EU will not only shape Europe’s future but many other countries’ as well.

Besides, financial markets are changing and starting to value sustainable and ethical investments. Investments amounts into sustainable products experience constant increases and just recently most important financial data bases offer data on so called Environmental Social Governance (ESG). More and more, we need to report and assess our social economic impact and be able to manage it.

The course is designed to transmit the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to face this change and to prepare the organization to begin its path towards sustainability.


Objectives and results

The Objectives of the course is to provide knowledge about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG). Above all, the course encompasses different ways of managing sustainability for both internal improvements and external improvements. The main objective is to transfer the fundamental knowledge into tangible practical projects.

You will learn about measuring and communicating about sustainability. The most current systems will be known, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, ISO26000, Triple Bottom Line, UN Global Compact, common techniques for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and the economy of the common good.

After knowing different certifications and audits, a case of Green Washing can be distinguished from truly sustainable and ethical cases. In this way you also learn to be a genuinely sustainable and ethical organization.

As a result of all this work, a practical final project is designed to meet the real needs of the company.


Key Takeaways

  • Foundations of CSR & ESG
  • EU Taxonomy
  • Circular Economy Business Models
  • Understanding of your Carbon Footprint
  • Learning about different certification systems
  • Learn how to communicate ESG & CSR


We want to develop your project

YOU give the focus to the course that best suits you to tackle and face what is really important to you. So each participant tells us their needs and we want to adapt the individual exercises to your ideas and finish the work in a final project. We will start working on your project right from the beginning so that each module and exercise is one piece of the whole puzzle. We want to accompany you on your path to sustainability and make you a changemaker


The course that plants trees

Our courses plant trees with your help. Part of our income is dedicated to our own reforestation projects and part to our partners “Trees For Future“. We believe that planting trees is an important contribution to mitigate climate change and solve other environmental and economic problems.





Individual: “IN-COMPANY”

This individual course is for ONE COMPANY ONLY and is especially designed for Executives, Managers and other Strategic Planners and is only available for companies and organizations. The course will always be customized to the needs of the single case. It includes 1:1 LIVE tutorials with our teachers and it also scalable to train your staff. This will allow you to get a common understanding within your team and engage in co-creation with your employees.  The time of the tutorials is more flexible and will adapt to your circumstances.


Mixed Group:

This “mixed group” is made up from all students and is available to everyone. We will have open enrollment so everybody can study and succeed at their own speed. The course will include LIVE group tutorials every two weeks with us on a fixed date and time. During the tutorials there is plenty of space for Questions & Answers, Homework discussions, networking, co-creation and presentations with new materials.




Topic 1: Introduction
Lesson 1: CSR & ESG as valuable tools or ‘Sustainable’ businesses - past, preset and future.
Lesson 2: Net Zero, Carbon Footprint & Circular Economy.
Lesson 3: EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities

Topic 2: Environmental Social Governance 
Lesson 4: Part I Management Techniques
Lesson 5: Part II Management Techniques

Topic 3: Accounting and sustainability certifications
Lesson 6: Global Reporting Initiative
Lesson 7: ISO 26000, Economy of the Common Good & Sustainability Balanced Score Card
Lesson 8: Sustainable Branding & Authentic Communication Strategies

Topic 4: Case Study and Final Project : CSR & ESG strategies and student projects.

Lesson 9: Evaluation of Case Studies: How to read and evaluate sustainability reports
Lesson 10: Presentation of your own project

  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Requirements

    Bachelor's degree or higher or professional experience over 5 years

    Target Group: Who is it for?

    • Managers
    • Directors
    • CSR Managers
    • Employees

  • References

    Different study materials such as videos, exercises, case studies, and scientific articles.

  • Progress Evaluation

    • Homeworks
    • Individual Final Project

  • Certificate

    • Attendance certificate.
    • Tree Planting Certificate

  • Teacher


    Dr. Philipp Schuster

    • Founder and Director of Seeds for Sustainability.
    • Doctor of Economics.
    • Permaculture designer.
    • Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Individual Price 250 € (Mixed group) // 150€ (Students & Unemployed)
  • Group price 1000 € ( 250 € every additional employee ) "IN-COMPANY"
  • Become a changemaker and start your journey to sustainability now!

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