Ethical and Sustainable Marketing Online Course

Ethical and Sustainable Marketing Online Course

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Ethical and Sustainable Marketing: Theory, Practice & Strategies


Description of the courseEthical Marketing and Communication with a Purpose

Ethical marketing puts people first and must put their decisions under a regime of ethical criteria established in dialogue. The course is designed to convey the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to face this change and to prepare the organization to begin its path towards sustainability.

When you make a social responsibility report (rs) or when you commit to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or perform circular economy (EC) actions you find that a fundamental part of the implementation is communication. Because not all these initiatives are launched to stay in an office, but must scale, flow and expand well beyond the company itself and translate into investment with positive returns. Plan of Ethical Marketing and Communication with Cause must include a map of stakeholders and a work of generating profiles of possible audiences. How do we communicate with them? What goals do I have for each group? What channels are best suited to reach them in the most efficient way? What resources do I have?


Who should take this course?

Any person who addresses an initiative in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals, Innovation or any other related subject, whether or not, marketing and work teams communication

“What can you expect from this course?”

  • Being able to understand the fundamentals of business ethics and how corporate reputation influences and affects the business.
  • Identify the critical points and opportunities that any marketing plan has seen from the point of view of ethics.


Objectives and Results

First, the course begins with the questions why today the sustainable management of the company is understood as a key competence. In this way, ethical marketing can only be implemented if the corresponding capabilities are developed.

The course will go into the academic literature on Ethical Marketing and Corporate Responsibility. Then the basic concepts will be known and the current Marketing concepts will be reviewed with an ethical approach. We introduce marketing 3.0 and digital CSR.

It is going to know how to measure the sustainability & Ethics of the company. Thus we enter into accounting concepts such as the Global Reporting (GRI), the Economy of the Common Good, The ISO 26000 standards and the Sustainability Balanced Score Card (SBCD). We learn what Green Washing is and how to avoid it.

The knowledge base will be deepened by presenting best practices, success stories and current challenges.

In the practical part, change tools will be known to implement an ethical marketing strategy.



Different Versions of the Course

Individual: “IN-COMPANY”

This individual course is for ONE COMPANY ONLY and is especially designed for Executives, Managers and other Strategic Planners and is only available for companies and organizations. The course will always be customized to the needs of the single case. It includes 1:1 LIVE tutorials with our teachers and it also scalable to train your staff. This will allow you to get a common understanding within your team and engage in co-creation with your employees.  The time of the tutorials is more flexible and will adapt to your circumstances.

Mixed Group:

This “mixed group” is made up from all students and is available to everyone. We will have open enrollment so everybody can study and succeed at their own speed. The course will include LIVE group tutorials every two weeks with us on a fixed date and time. During the tutorials there is plenty of space for Questions & Answers, Homework discussions, networking, co-creation and presentations with new materials.



Lesson 1: Sustainable management of the company as a key competence
Lesson 2: Ethical Marketing and Corporate Responsibility
Lesson 3: Revised Marketing Concepts
Lesson 4: Marketing 3.0 und Digital CSR
Lesson 5: Accounting concepts: GRI, EBC, ISO 26000, SBCD
Lesson 6: Green Washing and how to avoid it (BP, ...)
Lesson 7: Success stories and current challenges (Vaude, SUNRISE Project and more ...)
Lesson 8: Tools of Change
Lesson 9: Practical session 1
Lesson 10: Practical Session 2

  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Requirements

    Bachelor's degree or higher or professional experience over 5 years

    Target Group: Who is it for?

    • Managers
    • Directors
    • CSR Managers
    • Employees
    • Marketing Professionals


  • References

    Different study materials.

  • Progress Evaluation

    • Homeworks.
    • Individual Final Project.

  • Certificate

    • Continuing Education Certificate
    • Tree Planting Certificate.

  • Teacher

    Beatriz de Andrés Mora

    • Journalist, businesswoman, marketing and communication consultant
    • CEO ART MARKETING (more than 20 years of experience)
    • Vice President ASEME (Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid)
    • Founding member of the Spanish Federation for the Promotion of the Economy of the Common Good
    • Pioneer Company in obtaining the Balance of the Common Good


    Dr. Philipp Schuster

    • Doctor of Economics.
    • Founder and Director of Seeds for Sustainability.
    • Permaculture designer.
    • Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Individual Price 500 € (Mixed group) // 250€ (Students & Unemployed)
  • Group price 1000 € ( 250 € every additional employee ) "IN-COMPANY"
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