Introduction to permaculture design Online Course

Introduction to permaculture design Online Course

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This course covers the first section of the complete and certified Permaculture Design course. This introductory course covers the principles of ethics and design of permaculture and design of natural systems, in addition to providing some ideas with which you can immediately experience in your home and on your farm.

Students who take the introductory course and then decide to take the full Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) will receive a discount. Introductory students who pass the full PDC course will already have a substantial basis in the Permaculture Principles and Ethics.

Objectives and results

This course should provide you with enough information to:

  • Know the ethics and principles of permaculture design.
  • Learn the basics of natural systems design and ecological design.
  • Make positive changes in your home environment and site with respect to sustainability, recycling, waste disposal and energy use.


The Introduction To Permaculture Course includes:

  • Introduction: What is permaculture?
  • Introduction to Ecology
  • Principles of permaculture & Permaculture Design Ethics
  • Natural Systems Design

  • Duration 4 weeks
  • Requirements

    Eager to learn.

    Target Group: Who is it for?

    • Entrepreneurs and business managers
    • Farmers, gardeners, landscaping professionals
    • Families
    • Politicians
    • All interested in true sustainability.


  • References

    Online Materials in our eCampus.

  • Progress Evaluation

    Written exercises.


    Develop your own project

  • Certificate

    Attendance certificate.

  • Teacher

    Dr. Philipp Schuster

    • Doctor of Economics.
    • Founder and Director of Seeds for Sustainability.
    • Permaculture designer.
    • Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Individual Price 25€ (Iva incl.)
  • Transforma tu vida con permacultura

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