Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

  • 100% Online
  • Work on your own project and get your design ready 
  • Personal attention and close tutoring 
  • Small groups
  • Live and recorded tutorials
  • 24/7 access for one year
  • Access to the Seeds For Sustainability CLUB
  • Accredidation for the professional directory of Seeds For Sustainability
  • PRICE: 690€ 


General description

Our course is the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course, as taught by the Permaculture founders: Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

The complete permaculture design (PDC) course is an intensive 72-hour program. This course includes study modules backed by practical exercises, photos, field work and videos. Students can start the course at any time. There is a time limit of 1 year to complete, but most students finish the course within 2-3 months. You can work at your own pace, and some enthusiastic students have finished the course within a month.

At the end of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate. Only those who have completed an official 72-hour PDC course are legally authorized to use the word “Permaculture” for commercial purposes.



Objectives and results

The PDC course should provide you with enough information and comments to:Plan and implement a Permaculture system for you and others

  • Evaluate systems and structures for sustainability and resilience.
  • Design sustainable human settlements.
  • Develop ecological systems of food production.
  • Design water collection systems and earthworks.
  • Build healthy soils, sequest carbon and increase fertility naturally.
  • Design non-toxic homes and natural structures that heat and cool without expensive systems or external inputs.
  • Incorporate relevant ideas and methods of Permaculture into existing systems (home, office, business, ecological restoration sites).
  • Develop your research in particular systems, technologies or strategies.
  • Develop personal interests in the thematic areas of Permaculture.
  • Encourage community interest in activities that focus on real growth and development (and not just economic).
  • Start up sustainable income streams and / or start business related to permaculture.
  • The design course should provide you with a deep understanding of permaculture design and allow you to start teaching others.


Why take an online permaculture course?

  • Study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world
  • Have access to materials 24/7 and up to one year
  • Being able to design your own project
  • Receive 1: 1 tutoring and live classes in small groups
  • Get certified as a permaculture designer
  • To be able to deepen the topics through homework, group work and close review with the personal tutor.


How does the online course work?

We have live tutorials every week. We offer several groups, to have different schedules that adapt to your rhythm. You can attend all the tutorials and adjust the pace of the studies to the needs of each one. Live tutorials are not mandatory but an added service. All materials and videos are available in our eCampus.

Each course topic has live classes and homework. The assignments will be reviewed by your personal tutor and you can receive one-on-one tutoring to clarify any doubts you may have.

Throughout the course you will be able to develop your own design for your project. This same design will be reviewed for the CDP certificate. At the end of the course, the designs are presented in a discussion.




Topic 1.1 Introduction to the Online Permaculture Design Course – Watch Now!

This is an example of a live tutorial. This should give you an idea of how the classes look like. Enjoy watching!



Dr Philipp B. Schuster (Linkedin)

  • Doctor en Economía.
  • Consultor y diseñador de permacultura y experto en responsabilidad y sostenibilidad empresarial.
  • Docente internacional y fundador de Seeds For Sustainability.



Miguel Ruiz Villalobos (Linkedin)

  • Professor
  • Permaculture Designer
  • Environmental Management Technician
  • Event planner
  • Biology Studies




  • Diploma in Permaculture and international teacher
  • Expert in Sociocracy
  • Writer, philologist and polyglot








Módulo 1:
1-1: Introducción - ¿Qué es la permacultura?
1-2: Introducción a la ecología
1-3: Ética & Principios
1-4: Diseño de sistemas naturales & herramientas más importantes


Módulo 2:
2-1: Suelos
2-2: Agua
2-3: Bosques & Arboles
2-4: Casas & Edificios
2-5: Acuacultura
2-6: Manejo de Vida Silvestre y Control Natural de Plagas
2-7 Manejo de animales


Módulo 3: 

3-1 Procesos de diseño I
3-2 Procesos de diseño II


Módulo 4:
4-1: Desarrollo de la aldea de permacultura (Eco Aldeas) & Comunidades Urbanas y suburbanes
4-2: Patrones en diseño
4-3: Diseño para catástrofe y preparación
4-4: Banco de Semillas y Viveros
4-5: Tecnología apropiada y tecnología de ahorro de energía
4-6: Cómo operan los diseñadores de permacultura, (herramientas de diseño, trabajar con clientes, OBRIDEMET)
4-7: Perfiles de paisajes clásicos
4-8: Economía ecológica y estructuras invisibles de asentamientos
4-9: Permacultura Urbana & Social
4-10 Herramientas de Facilitación de grupos


Módulo 5: 
5-1: Proyecto de diseño final


Resumen de carga de trabajo

  • Horas lectivas: 50 horas
  • Tareas: 22 horas
  • Diseño Final: 15 horas
  • Lectura: 10 horas


El curriculum está desarrollado acorde con el "Core-Curriculum" de la Asociación de la Permacultura Británica y el curriculum original de Bill Mollison.



Eche un vistazo a nuestro curso introductorio.

  • Duration 72hrs. Start anytime, from anywhere in the world. Study at your own pace.
  • Requirements

    Eager to learn.

    Target Group: Who is it for?

    • Entrepreneurs and business managers
    • Farmers, gardeners, landscaping professionals
    • Families
    • Politicians
    • All interested in true sustainability.


  • References

    • Videos Grabados
    • Tutoriales en directo
    • Tareas de Casa con tutoría 1:1


  • Progress Evaluation

    • Ejercicios & Diseño Final.

  • Certificate

    Certificado reconocido internacionalmente

  • Teacher


  • Individual Price 690€ (VAT incl.)
  • Transform your world with permaculture

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