Towards net zero – Manage your carbon footprint

Towards net zero – Manage your carbon footprint

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Different Versions of the Course

Individual: “IN-COMPANY”

This individual course is for ONE COMPANY ONLY and is especially designed for Executives, Managers and other Strategic Planners and is only available for companies and organizations. The course will always be customized to the needs of the single case. It includes 1:1 LIVE tutorials with our teachers and it also scalable to train your staff. This will allow you to get a common understanding within your team and engage in co-creation with your employees.  The time of the tutorials is more flexible and will adapt to your circumstances.

Mixed Group:

This “mixed group” is made up from all students and is available to everyone. We will have open enrollment so everybody can study and succeed at their own speed. The course will include LIVE group tutorials every two weeks with us on a fixed date and time. During the tutorials there is plenty of space for Questions & Answers, Homework discussions, networking, co-creation and presentations with new materials.


Watch a Sample Tutorial:

Description of the Course

Climate change today is already a reality. However, you can mitigate and fight against it. Therefore, organizations already have an economic and ethical obligation to contribute to the mitigation and compensation of CO2 emissions.

Since the EU has put the new Corporate Social Responsibility directive into effect, large companies are already required by law to report their non-financial impact. This will further produce changes and needs in the value chain. In this way more companies have to start raising awareness about the issue and have to acquire knowledge and skills to survive in this new economy.

The course is designed to transmit the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to face this change and to prepare the organization for climate change.


Objectives and Results

The Objectives of the course create knowledge about climate change, the impact of organizations and how to contribute to their mitigation. In this way you will learn how to integrate the carbon footprint in the management of the organization. That is why the course deals with different reduction strategies. This will learn how to systematize the carbon footprint analysis to design efficient and effective reduction strategies. To complete, the compensation strategies are also discussed and the main emission compensation instruments will be learned.

As a first result the student will learn how to calculate the carbon footprint in organizations and throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Second, the student will have a good recognition of the main certificates in the market and how to apply them.

Then, as a new key capacity, the student learns to develop ad hoc EXCEL tools for carbon footprint calculations. In addition, you will know other existing tools.

As a result of all this work, the carbon footprint of the organization, product or staff will be carried out in the final project.


Topic 1: Introduction
Lesson 1: Sustainable management of the company as a key competence
Lesson 2: Climate Change

Topic 2: Basics
Lesson 3: Organizational Carbon Footprint
Lesson 4: Product carbon footprint

Topic 3: Reduction & Compensation
Lesson 5: Reduction Strategies
Lesson 6: Compensation

Topic 4: Communication and Certification
Lesson 7: How to inform your stakeholders
Lesson 8: How to inform your stakeholders

Topic 5: Final project: carbon footprint of your product or organization
Lesson 9: Practical session 1
Lesson 10: Practical Session 2

  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Requirements

    Bachelor's degree or higher or professional experience over 5 years

    Target Group: Who is it for?

    • Managers
    • Directors
    • CSR Managers
    • Employees
    • Marketing Professionals

  • References

    Different study materials.

  • Progress Evaluation

    • Homeworks
    • Individual Final Project

  • Certificate

    • Continuing Education Certificate.
    • Tree Planting Certificate.

  • Teacher

    Pedro Olazabal

    • Co-founder of areteia.
    • Expert in measuring social and environmental impact.
    • Trained in climate change and carbon footprint.
    • Expert in developing advanced Excel tools for impact measurement

    Dr. Philipp Schuster - Seeds For Sustainability

    • Doctor of Economics.
    • Founder and Director of Seeds for Sustainability.
    • Permaculture designer.
    • Expert in Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Individual Price 400 € (Mixed group) // 200€ (Students & Unemployed)
  • Group price 1000 € ( 250 € every additional employee ) "IN-COMPANY"
  • Let's Create Impact Together

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