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Ethical Finance and Social Currencies


In our last show “Lets create impact – Encountering agents of change” we discussed the topic of ethical finance and social currencies. Speaking of sustainability, one cannot forget the importance that money or financial resources play. Sooner or later the time comes when an organization or a project needs more resources.

The financial sector is a transversal sector and it is important that the objectives of this world align with the efforts for a more regenerative society. Even so, in the last decades alternative financing channels have emerged. From crowd funding, to cooperatives and social currencies, we have experienced an increase in their use to solve problems that the traditional financial market (banks and stocks) has not been able to offer.

Especially during the 2007/2008 crisis the financial world has had a horribly negative impact and since then even more alternative financing channels are important to create a more resilient and regenerative society and economy. More recently in 2020, many social currencies have also experienced an increase in their use, for example to combat the problem of supply chains cut off by COVID-19 lockdowns.


In our last show we had the pleasure of having two specialists in social currency issues. Heloisa Primavera has been on the subject of social currencies for decades, even she is the inventor of the term itself. Currently she coordinates REDLASES, a Latin American network of social currencies and solidarity economy. She is a doctor of economics and has more than 20 years of experience in the world of permaculture and regenerative economics.

Beside her we had the pleasure of speaking with Aline Van Moerbeke. She has been in permaculture for many years, is a graduate and consultant and co-coordinates the integral house project. The integral house is a permaculture and circular economy project at the level of home (oikonomia) and community and economy. Especially in wastewater recycling and hydrological design they have been creating regenerative systems for many years. Aline is also an Ambassadora of the SEEDS coin, a regenerative cryptocurrency.

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