Jun 23

FREYZEIN: Changing the paradigm from linear to circular

Recently the EU launched its Circular Economy Action Plan which is a crucial part of the Green New Deal. With that the EU wants to become a climate neutral and sustainable continent by 2050. Many things will change, mainly the way we produce and (re)use our things.

The Circular economy is a model that wants to produce zero waste, use non toxic materials and create a sustainable economy.

Circular economy business models are innovative and cutting edge. Established businesses must adapt their way of operating and new starts ups are emerging on the horizon showing us how things can be done in a different way.

One of such start ups is “FREYZEIN – A circular outdoor apparel”. In our webinar “Changing the paradigm from linear to circular” we had the chance and honor to talk to Jan Karlson, the founder of Freyzein.

Freyzein is an Austrian start up that was founded in the Gründer Garage at the University of Graz. They produce long lasting outdoor clothing that is highly resistant to whether conditions but at the same time, once put into the soil can be biodegraded. Besides, Freyzein is developing subscriptions models to make sure things are used more sustainably, e.g. clothing for children that are growing and constantly need new cloths.

It was really inspiring to talk to Jan and listen to his experience. Watch the webinar here and feel inspired too.

Curious to know more about the circular economy?

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Join us now in our journey towards a circular economy.


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