Nov 28

Seed Time

It is Seed Time. We are happy to announce that we are starting our courses and thus we are beginning to put the seeds for sustainability in the soil. Now it’s time to introduce ourselves a little.

Our mission in Seeds For Sustainability is to empower you to be the engine of change.


We understand our courses as seeds for sustainability and our philosophy is based on a well-known parable:

A farmer went out to sow his seeds… .. These seeds fell in good soil. They sprouted, grew and bore fruit, some of which multiplied thirty, sixty or hundreds of times (Gospel of Mark, 4 The Parable of the Sower)

In the same way we believe in learning to help us grow and improve for a better future, preparing the ground for sowing and thus producing a good harvest. We believe that each seed counts and the more we sow, the more we will reap.

In this way we want:

  • Empower people through education and capacity development.
  • Offer courses to people who are willing to lead the change.
  • Offer tools that allow you to manage this change.
  • Offer courses that are like seeds for sustainability.


If you want to know us a little more and want to listen to our founder Dr. Philipp B. Schuster about the philosophy and goals of the school, we invite you to listen to this PODCAST:

We welcome you to Seeds for Sustainability and we are at your service.

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