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What is triple impact project management?

The environmental and social problems that our planet has been going through for years and that have been intensified since the global crisis of 2008, has given rise to the flourishing of numerous projects and initiatives called “triple impact”.


“Sustainability for a society means the existence of economic, ecological, social and political conditions that allow it to function harmoniously over time and space. In time, harmony must exist between current and future generations; in space, harmony must be generated between the different social sectors, between women and men and between the population and its environment”. (Source:


What is sought from this triple impact perspective?

Well, precisely to offer solutions to environmental and social problems, taking care that they adequately combine the economic, environmental and social impact they generate. We call this sustainable management and it is becoming a priority, both in the public, private and NGO spheres. and we can also see it reflected in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals launched by the UN a few years ago.

In this context, project management has become an essential skill for the subsistence of organizations of all kinds, including triple impact organizations, which in turn have the challenge of managing limited economic resources efficiently, while generating positive impact on the environment and people.




What will you find in our training on Project Management?

• The possibility of studying online from the comfort of your home or office.
• The application of the concepts developed in class, to your own project.
• Validation of the feasibility of your triple impact project, through tools such as the Triple Impact Canvas.
• The exchange of enriching experiences with colleagues who are managing triple impact projects.
• The learning dynamics that we offer guarantee that the participants take ownership of the concepts and tools presented in each meeting.
• Possibility of tutoring / personalized consulting, as “bonus track”


Author and teacher of the course “Triple Impact Project Management”

Luciana Cornaglia

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  • Training and Coaching

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